Art plays an important role in expressing ideas and emotions.


LOVE being no exception.


George Formisano, the Founder of I Love You The Project, has been actively involved in art collecting and dealing for over 25 years.


His passion started with impressionist modern art and over the years he has been able to build up an important collections working for a private fund. More recently, George started to broaden his interest towards contemporary art, and more specifically emerging contemporary artists.


"What I like about contemporary art, is that the artists express themselves without adding filters. We get to experience their raw emotion.“


I Love You The Project has started to acquire a collection of contemporary emerging art and will complete that collection with a school program for younger generations. Children will be able to learn about the emerging art and at the same time be involved in our art program.


Auctions are going to be organized to sell the works of the artists in order to give to Charities.


Love is an Art from the Heart and now it has its symbol saying “I LOVE YOU “ forever…


LOVE conveys many values... Sharing, giving, altruism, and generosity being some of the strongest. We want to make you participate in our vision of giving back with I Love You The Project by having a portion of the price of each piece of jewelry dedicated to a charitable cause, through our endowment fund, soon to become a Foundation.


With unity being one of our most important values for the I Love You Foundation, we have decided to develop international collaborations with the best charities all over the world. In each country we will choose the charity that shares the same values as us in order to develop fascinating projects together and attain our vision of giving back.


Our blueprint is, creating charitable events in major cities such as Paris, New York, London, Moscow, Miami and more. As well as developing an I Love You educational program for young people to initiate them into the visionary works of highly talented emerging artists, curated through our own art collection.


To pursue our ambition we will gather funds through our beautifully crafted I Love You products, Co-brandings, Charity events, Auctions, International Stars Concerts, Pop-up stores, Ephemeral restaurants, Hotels and Real Estate developments as well as ecological projects. In addition, we will regularly call for donations from sponsors who support the I Love You Foundation.