The I Love You Symbol was created by Georges Formisano - a French entrepreneur based in London many years ago, when he wrote a love card to his fiancée and was looking for a riddle to express his feelings. 
While thinking about his emotions he began to draw the I Love You symbol on a paper and came to the realization that there was no official symbol to say “I Love You”.  
The moment he drew the I Love You symbol he knew he had to share it with the world.
Georges designed a collection of jewelry displaying the I Love You Symbol jewel of the heart. 
Explore our collection and share your love around the world with a symbol that speaks for itself. 
Love itself brings out an art of emotions which brought Georges, 
the founder of I Love You The Project, in creating this amazing idea. 
George has been actively involved in art collecting and dealing for over 25 years. 
His passion started with impressionist modern art and over the years he has been able to build up an  important collections working for a private fund. Though recently, he started to broaden his interests towards contemporary art, and more specifically emerging contemporary artists. 
“What I like about contemporary art, is that the artist express themselves without adding filters which allows us to experience their raw emotions.” – Georges Formisano 
I Love You The Project has started to acquire a collection of contemporary emerging art and will complete that collection with a school program for younger generations. Children will be able to learn about emerging art and at the same time be involved in our art program. Auctions will also be held in order to sell the works of the artists and donate to charities.  
I Love You The Project finally gives this artistic emotion a symbol it has been missing