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The I Love You Symbol was created by Georges Formisano - a French entrepreneur based in London many years ago, when he wrote a love card to his fiancée and was looking for a riddle to express his feelings. 


While thinking about his emotions he began to draw the I Love You symbol on a paper and came to the realization that there was no official symbol to say “I Love You”.  


The moment he drew the I Love You symbol he knew he had to share it with the world.


Georges designed a collection of jewelry displaying the I Love You Symbol , jewel of the heart. 


Explore our collection and share your love around the world with a symbol that speaks for itself. 


Love itself brings out an art of emotions which brought Georges, 

the founder of I Love You The Symbol, in creating this amazing idea. 


I Love You The Symbol finally gives this artistic emotion a symbol it has been missing 

The I Love You The Symbol will give back to Charity a part of his profit to charity to share Love .

Share The I Love You  Symbol with the world.


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